Friday, April 19, 2013

Go Flea! Go Patty! Two Of The Most Interesting Musicians Show Us Just How Big Their Hearts Are

Of course my first bass player blog is about Flea! The Red Hot Chili Peppers are indeed one of Xanaland's favorite bands and Flea is loved not only for his funk master style but for his great personal style which has surely influenced many a skate punk kid with turquoise hair! 

When looking for ' Flea news' though, I was startled and surprised to see that he has done some really awsome charity projects with no other than the amazing Patti Smith!
What a world, what a world! So here is what I found out in case you also missed this news. Flea has a very special charity, a school he started, Silverlake Conservatory for Music. He set it up in 2001. Now, he plans to donate the proceeds for his new EP to the school. Guests on the album include Patti Smith. The self recorded ( in two whole days ) called ' Helen Burns ' will sell for a " Radiohead" style amount= pay-what-you-want. He wrote on Twitter, " It will be available for download at any price you want to pay " 
Also commenting on the content, further added, " It is obscure and artsy, mostly experimental music, except when Patti Smith sings ". 
That makes sense, sort of! They are also selling a limited edition autographed vinyl version of the EP containing a piece of bass string and some of Flea's dirty boxers....just joking! Only the bass string, cost on that, $ 75.00. He gleefully warns RHCP fan, " This is not a Chili Pepper album, or even close to it, its a trippy freakout" , hmmm, no big surprise there!

Here are some links to get you caught up! I do believe Flea is a hippy at heart!

And my personal favorite Patti Smith!

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