Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blues Lunch Hour: A Day in Seattle with Paul McCartney and the Grunge Cooking Crew

A short story of the day I met Paul McCartney, bass player for The Beatles and Paul McCartney and Wings. 

When I did catering for Paul McCartney's Seattle show, the crew were not allowed to eat meat, per Linda's instructions, there were about 25 of us that Pearl Jam's management got jobs doing catering for just the local show.

 Paul insisted that we listen to Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters all day, it was quite annoying at the time,  he kept popping in to the kitchen and putting on different CD's and saying " take a listen to this', sort your carrots later kiddo's "since most of us ' kids' doing catering were listening to either our own bands or our friends bands, this was especially annoying! 

 That year, 1990, All the best music was coming out of Seattle, so that's all we listened to was local music, and Led Zeppelin of course, but The Beatles,  let me tell you my hippy comrades The Mustache once threw my Beatles album across the room and exclaimed " You can listen to The Beatles anytime" and ever so calmly put on a TOOL album...If you don't know who The Mustache is, your an idiot, you have no business reading this and I should fire my publicist.

This is one of the songs Paul McCartney had playing for us in the crew area: 

He probably thought it was funny, " My little grunge slaves " or maybe he was just trying to expose us to great music. Maybe he didn't care one way or the other, who knows! 

Needless to say we were all miserable in this hot kitchen listening to old blues music, at least 2 members from each local band in our scene were back there chopping up huge piles of vegetables, it was pretty amusing. Linda McCartney lecturing us on the danger of red meat. It's kind of like one of those memories of something your mom or dad tried to teach you or show you, something you rolled your eyes at, until you are on the side of the road with a flat tire, wishing you were paying attention to your dad when he showed you how to change a flat tire. 

To this day I wish I had paid more attention to Paul that day, listened to more blues, and less TOOL.... Listened closer to what Linda was trying to tell the world about eating healthy, damn hippy's, like Freud, always right! 

Just a little inside joke here on Xanaland

So on this beautiful Super Moon Sunday I dedicate this song to Paul and Linda McCartney, soul mates then and now. They are a positive influence in the lives of many. 

Leave you interesting or creative comments about weather The Beatles were right or wrong about love in the comment box below!

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